Strengthen cooperation in the construction and sustainable development of urban areas in Vietnam

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On December 15 th, 2023, in Hanoi, the signing ceremony of cooperation agreements between the Institute of Urban Development Management (under the Academy of Managers for Construction and Cities) and 3 units including the Institute of Digital transformation strategy  (under Vietnam Digital Media Association), Institute of Tropical Architecture (under Hanoi University of Architecture), Green Growth Research Institute (under Vietnam Academy of Agriculture) took palce in Hanoi, on December 15th. This is a content within the framework of the Project "Strengthening institutions and enhancing capacity for urban development in Vietnam" funded by the Swiss Government through the Swiss Federal Economic Directorate (SECO). There were representatives of leaders of the governing units and units directly implementing the signing.

After exchanging cooperation content, the parties agreed to sign a Memorandum of Understanding on cooperation in the fields of training, fostering, scientific research and consulting on digital transformation in urban development.

The Institute of Urban Development Management and the parties agreed to establish a regular, long-term and sustainable cooperative relationship on the basis of promoting the functions of each party to effectively carry out research - Deploying, training, consulting, and applying advanced knowledge in the field of digital transformation in urban development; planning, green architecture and urban development.

The parties will cooperate in implementing training and fostering programs, research and consulting projects in areas: cooperation in training and fostering activities; scientific research; consulting on digital transformation; smart urban development, planning, green architecture; green growth, appraisal and issuance of carbon credits in Vietnam; urban agriculture development solutions; resource management and other solutions; cooperate in developing a network of domestic and foreign partners, organizations, businesses, and experts on smart urban development; digital transformation and certification of meeting criteria on smart cities, planning, green architecture, green growth, and carbon credit market development.

Cooperation between the parties is based on the following principles: compliance with the laws of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam and relevant regulations and statutes of the host management agencies; ensuring equality in obligations and rights of the parties according to the responsibilities and characteristics and advantages of each party; improving the operational efficiency of the Institute of Urban Development Management and 3 collaborating units.

The parties committed to immediately implementing cooperation agreements, contributing to the development of Vietnam's construction industry.

Photos of the ceremony:

Source: AMC
Translated by: Mai Anh

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