Papers evidencing house ownership of house sellers, donors or bequeathers

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Article 7 of Decree No.51/2009/ND-CP dated June 3, 2009 :

1. In case of purchase of a condominium apartment under a real estate enterprise's project on the development of commercial houses (including future apartments and available apartments), the seller must possess the following papers:

a/ The project-approving decision of a competent agency;

b/ Land lease contract/land allocation decision or land use rights certificate, granted by a competent agency;

c/ The apartment’s site plan;

d/ Written record of the handover of the apartment, enclosed with the seller's regulations on management and use of condominiums (in case of purchase of available apartments).

2. In case of purchasing, inheriting or being donated an individual's condominium apartment under a project on project on the development of commercial houses, this condominium apartment must be available and the seller, donor or bequeather must possess a paper evidencing his/her ownership. Specifically:

a/ The house ownership and residential land use right certificate granted under the Housing Law or Decree No. 60/CP dated July 5, 1994, on the ownership of houses and right to use residential land in urban centers, or house ownership certificate under Decree No. 95/2005/ND-CP dated July 15, 2005, on the grant of house and construction-work ownership certificates;

b/ The land use right certificate granted under the 2003 Land Law, indicating the house on land.

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