Vietnam – Japan Seminar Sewerage Policies and Solutions for Climate Change Adaptation

Thứ sáu, 26/08/2022 16:18
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Vietnam's Ministry of Construction (MOC) coordinated with Japan's Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT) and the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) organized the webinar on Sewerage Policies and Solutions for Climate Change Adaptation on August 25th. Associate professor, Dr. Mai Thi Lien Huong - Director of Department of Technical Infrastructure (MOC) and Mr. Atsushi Tajima - Director of External Affairs and Construction Office, Department of Sewerage & Wastewater Management (MLIT) co-chaired the seminar.

Director of Department of Technical Infrastructure (MOC) and Director Atsushi Tajima co-chaired the seminar.

Speaking to open the seminar, Director Mai Thi Lien Huong said that sustainable sewerage for climate change adaption is one of the areas interested by the Vietnamese Government, Prime Minister and Ministry of Construction. Over the years, Vietnam has issued many mechanisms and policies on water drainage, flood prevention, and environmental protection, creating a legal basis for localities, businesses and individuals to carry out investment activities in sewerage and wastewater treatment projects integrated modern science and technology.

Director Mai Thi Lien Huong spoke to open the seminar

However, in recent times, climate change, sea level rise, rapid urbanization, the rainwater collection system of urban areas has deteriorated that have posed urgent requirements in researching and proposing effective policies and solutions in sewerage for climate change adaptation in order to shorten implementation time, optimize construction investment, achieve multiple goals in the development process.

According to Director General Mai Thi Lien Huong, Japan has a lot of experience in developing technical infrastructure systems, building and promulgating policies and solutions for sewerage for climate change adaptation. Therefore, the cooperation between the MoC and MLIT, JICA and Japanese partners will help Vietnam to improve and enhance its capacity to build and perfect institutions and policies in the field of sewerage, wastewater treatment, and effective adaptation to climate change.

The whole seminar

Speaking at the seminar, Mr. Atsushi Tajima emphasized the effective cooperation relationship between MOC and MLIT and highly appreciated efforts of the Vietnamese MoC in researching, proposing, selecting, deploying and implementing synchronously solutions towards sustainable water supply and sewerage especially sewerage for climate change adaptation.

Mr. Atsushi Tajima hoped to receive the cooperation of experts from the two countries, and emphasized that Japan and Vietnam need to take a combination of measures to minimize the damage of climate change in the context of climate change becoming more and more complex on a global scale.

Vietnamese and Japanese experts made many presentations related to the topic of the seminar, including: Solutions to adapt to climate change in the future according to the 4th Water Summit in Asia – Pacific Regional; Overview of regulations on sewerage and wastewater treatment in Vietnam; Japan's latest urban flood protection policy and technology, adapting to climate change; Urban drainage of Hanoi city in 2022; Maintenance of the drainage system to protect people's lives and property from urban flooding - A real example in Osaka city; Current situation and solutions for sewerage against flooding in some localities in Vietnam.

Delegates made presentations at the seminar.

Experts from JICA, Vietnam's specialized drainage associations and representatives of local Departments of Construction raised a number of factors affecting local drainage activities; some opinions on living together and effectively controlling flooding.

Concluding the seminar, Director General Mai Thi Lien Huong thanked the delegates and experts of the two countries for contributing valuable comments. The Organizing Committee would summarize, select and propose effective policy and technical solutions as the foundation for the MoC to perfect the comprehensive policy framework for infrastructure development, especially sewerage for climate change adaptation and development of green and smart cities in the future.

Written by: Tran Dinh Ha - Translated by: Mai Anh

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