Dong Nai plans nearly 11,000ha of land for urban projects

Thứ tư, 16/11/2022 09:58
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The southern province of Dong Nai plans to allocate 11,000ha of State-owned land for urban area projects by 2030 to fully utilise its upcoming traffic infrastructure works and industrial parks.

Dong Nai province aims to allocate more land for urban development to make use of upcoming infrastructure works and industrial parks.(Photo

By 2030, the province’s Long Thanh district is slated to have an additional 2,400ha of land for development while Nhon Trach district will have 2,050ha more, other districts also expected to gain more such land.

According to the province, its plan of allocating more land will coincide with new or under-construction traffic infrastructure and industrial park projects.

For example, Long Thanh and Nhon Trach districts are planning to have more residential areas since the completion of ongoing industrial parks and infrastructure projects (such as Cat Lai Bridge, Ben Luc-Long Thanh Expressway and Long Thanh International Airport) will attract more people from nearby cities and provinces into Dong Nai for work.

Do Chanh Quang, Chairman of the Long Khanh City People’s Committee, said that more and more people are moving into the city thanks to its fresh air and the completion of the HCM City – Long Thanh – Dau Giay Expressway shortening travel time between HCM City and Long Khanh.

“It’s important to allocate more land for development. Long Khanh has been calling for investment into many urban area projects from 150ha to 300ha in size,” Quang said.

Le Van Tiep, Chairman of the Long Thanh District People’s Committee, said that its zoning plan until 2040 will see three new large urban areas around Long Thanh Airport.

The district itself aims to become an urban centre facilitating domestic and international trade, making use of its strengths in industrial development, hi-tech agriculture, and commercial services.

Meanwhile, Nguyen Huu Thanh, Vice Chairman of the Nhon Trach District People’s Committee, said that the district will focus on developing its industry, urban areas, tourism and commercial service.

By 2030, it will convert thousands of hectares of agriculture land to serve the above usages.

Dong Nai is one of the key economic powerhouses in southern Vietnam, with its growth in the first half of the year surpassed all other Southeast regions.

It has a population of more than 3.2 million, with many people from other provinces moving into it for work, especially at industrial parks.

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