Vietnam wants US to help with renewable energy equipment production industry

Thứ tư, 07/09/2022 15:31
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Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh suggested the US help Vietnam develop its renewable energy equipment production sector and better evaluate the potentials of solar and wind energy during a meeting with the US Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry in Hanoi on September 5.

PM Chinh meets with the US Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry in Hanoi on September 5.__Photo: VNA

The two sides agreed to develop the Vietnam-US Comprehensive Partnership in a more substantive, deeper and more stable way based on respecting independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity and each other's political institutions.

Kerry said that the US consistently attaches importance to the Comprehensive Partnership with Vietnam and supports the country in playing an active and substantive role in the region and in responding to international issues, including climate change.

PM Chinh said he highly appreciated the efforts of President Joe Biden and Special Envoy John Kerry in responding to climate change.

He emphasized that Vietnam is a developing country that went through wars and now has a modest economic scale while noting its policy of building an independent and self-reliant economy and continuing to integrate into the world’s economy substantively and effectively.

He added that Vietnam is making a very comprehensive and drastic effort to promote green growth and respond to climate change to implement its commitments at COP26.

He said the country considers the goal of achieving net zero emissions and shifting from fossil energy to clean and renewable energy as an inevitable development trend for the world, as well as for itself.

The PM said that climate change is a global problem that requires a people-centred solution while emphasizing that energy transition must ensure the principle of equity.

Kerry said that the US will continue to strengthen cooperation and support developing countries, including Vietnam, in responding to climate change, especially in clean energy and sustainable infrastructure development as well as smart water management.

Vietnamese PM suggested the US continue to support Vietnam in the negotiation process to establish a fair energy transition partnership, supporting the country in technology, finance, human resources, legal frameworks and experience sharing.

In terms of finance, development partners should consider lending Vietnam at a reasonable interest rate to develop the renewable energy industry, build a power transmission center, provide carbon capture technology and create a mechanism for renewable energy to be sold at a reasonable price, suitable to the income level of Vietnamese people, he said.

The PM said he hopes Kerry, as a longtime friend of Vietnam, would continue to support the country to build resilience for vulnerable communities in the Mekong Delta.

Kerry acknowledged the PM’s proposals on equity and justice in cooperation in energy transition and response to climate change. 

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